Natural Ecosystem Ponds

All-natural, low-maintenance garden ponds inspired by nature

Ecosystem garden ponds let you create a soothing aquatic centrepiece in your backyard. Designed to replicate the conditions of natural rivers and creeks, ecosystem ponds work alongside the natural environment to provide local plants and wildlife with food, shelter and protection.

Transform your garden with a natural ecosystem pond

Our ecosystem garden ponds create a stunning water feature that lets you connect with nature without leaving your home.

Ecosystem ponds


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Pond & Garden Waterscapes ecosystem ponds include rocks and pebbles, fish-safe EPDM pond liner, water pump, waterfall construction and biological and mechanical filtration. Upgrade to include underwater coloured LED lights, fill assist valve and decorative fountain integration.

Standard ecosystem pond sizes:

  • 1.8 metres x 2.4 metres
  • 2.4 metres x 3.3 metres
  • 3.3 metres x 4.8 metres
  • 6.4 metres x 7.9 metres

We can also create a custom ecosystem pond package to meet your space – get in touch for more information.

How do ecosystem garden ponds work?

Taking their cue from Mother Nature, ecosystem ponds transform your garden into a beautiful, tranquil, low-maintenance outdoor living space. A hidden filtration and circulation system supports a thriving mini ecosystem of aquatic plants and fish. Relax and unwind to the transformative power of water from the comfort of your backyard with an all-natural ecosystem garden pond.
The ecosystem pond diagram

The ‘Ecosystem pond’ image above illustrates the key elements and how they play a fundamental part in any ecosystem pond.

  1. Pond skimmer:

    Removes debris from the water surface and houses the pond pump and debris basket.

  2. Biofalls® filter:

    A biological filter that keeps pond water clean by encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria that help remove excess nutrients from the water.

  3. Pond pump:

    Circulates water into the Biofalls filter and back via waterfall or stream. Moving water ensures optimum oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants.

  4. Piping:

    Durable sun, ozone and mildew resistant PVC pipe that connects the skimmer to the Biofalls filter.

  5. Rocks and gravel:

    Protect the pond liner and house beneficial bacteria that break down excess nutrients in the water.

  6. Pond liner and underlayment:

    The pond liner offers resistance to UV, ozone and oxidation; the underlayment protects the liner from damage from any rough ground below.

  7. Plants and fish:

    Plants provide colour and texture while reducing algae growth by removing excess nutrients; fish reduce pond maintenance by eating algae and stirring up water so that it flows into the filter.

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