Pondless waterfalls

Compact, low-maintenance water features for smaller spaces

Pondless water features let you enjoy the calming sight and sound of running water without having a pond. Water is recirculated through a hidden pump to provide a striking waterfall or stream that’s child and pet friendly and doesn’t need the maintenance associated with a traditional pond.

Create a custom pondless water feature to suit your space

Our pondless waterfalls and streams are a popular low-maintenance option to enhance the entrance of your home or create a compact water feature in your backyard.

Pondless waterfalls and streams


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Pond & Garden Waterscapes pondless waterfalls and streams include rocks, premium EPDM pond liner, water pump and underground reservoir. Upgrade to include underwater coloured LED lights, fill assist valve and automatic dosing systems.

Standard pondless water feature sizes:

  • Small: 2-metre stream
  • Medium: 5-metre stream
  • Large: 8-metre stream

We can also create a custom pondless waterfall or stream to suit your outdoor space – get in touch for more information.

How do pondless waterfalls work?

Pondless waterfalls and streams bring the tranquillity of running water to your garden without the safety and maintenance concerns of water features with ponds. They’re safe, energy-efficient, and can be customised to introduce anything from a gentle stream to a cascading waterfall to your garden.

The ‘Pondless Waterfall’ above illustrates how the system works.

  1. Waterfall spillway:

    The start point of your pondless water feature, the spillway diffuses water to create your stream’s flow. It’s usually hidden under soil, rocks or greenery.

  2. Rocks and gravel:

    Larger rocks are used to define your waterfalls design and shape the water flow; decorative gravel is placed within the water channel and around your water feature’s edges.

  3. Pondless® waterfall vault:

    Allows easy access to the pond pump and offers a built-in water level inspection port.

  4. Pond pump:

    Circulates water back into the waterfall spillway.

  5. Aquablox®

    holds more water with a smaller footprint and is less prone to clogging than alternatives.

  6. Pond liner and underlayment:

    The pond liner offers resistance to UV, ozone and oxidation; the underlayment protects the liner from damage from any rough ground below.

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